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With technology ever-changing and providing us with more options, there are constantly new advances to choose from that can be added to your bathroom. Whether to modernize or add to the overall functionality, there are several updates you can do that will last well in to the future and add to the “cool factor.”

Did you know? One in five new toilets and one in 10 new showers in renovated master bathrooms are equipped with at least one high-tech feature. ~Houzz


Features to add into your bathroom for good design purposes:

  • Changing to ceramic or porcelain tile
  • Mood lighting in the shower
  • Installing wireless speakers, Bluetooth devices and docking stations inside bathroom mirrors and showerheads
  • Upgrading sink and shower faucets
  • Floating vanities


Did you know? The top four functional aspects to homeowners’ bathroom remodeling projects of 2016 via Houzz were: good lighting (46%), easy to clean and disinfect (43%), easy to store and find things (42%) and space for more than one person (39%).


 Add these functional updates to your next bathroom remodeling project:

  • Larger shower space
  • Removing walls to enter shower (barrier-free)
  • Adding lighting
  • Self-cleaning and/or double-flush toilets
  • Adding in more storage and cabinetry
  • Shower seats and grad bars installed in the shower

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