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In honor of National Barbecue Month, there’s no better time to spice up your outdoor living spaces and kitchen. Here are three remodeling projects that will prepare you not only for National Barbecue Month, but also for summer holidays, graduation parties and other summer activities:

Expand Your Deck:

The most common area for hosting summer festivities with a large group of people, a remodeled deck could be the exact update you need to prepare your home. A few ways you can do so include:

  • Use composite flooring material specially designed for channeling water to the edge of the deck, eliminating the possibility of people underneath the deck getting wet from spills or rain.
  • Add lights under the top bar of the railings for better visibility at night, keeping your guests safer on and around the deck.
  • Make your deck versatile by having some of it covered and other parts open for enjoying the sun. This way, the deck can be enjoyed no matter the weather.

Refresh Your Patio:

From creating a welcoming entrance for guests to providing the perfect spot to watch sports on the lawn, patios can be vital to hosting a large group of people. Here are ideas for a patio remodel:

  • Upgrade your patio flooring to materials such as stone or composite woods for a fresh finish, avoiding splinters and rotting wood.
  • Create an open space that can accommodate a big crowd, but also section off part of the patio via railings, plants or columns to allow for more private, peaceful settings.
  • Make a smooth, even transition from the patio flooring to the backyard grass to minimize trips and falls for guests.

Create More Elbow Room in Your Kitchen:

Remodeling your back patio or deck to accommodate more people is a great starter to preparing for summer festivities. However, there is still much to prepare inside in the kitchen – from side dishes to drinks and allowing guests an open and inviting area to cool down and escape the summer heat. The kitchen, being the heart of the home, is the perfect place to start your summer remodeling projects! Consider the following updates:

  • Open up the kitchen by eliminating walls leading into the living or dining room to create an open concept.
  • Optimize your storage space in order to keep the countertop space available and clean.
  • Keep to the triangle, making sure the sink, refrigerator and stove are far enough apart to avoid traffic jams, yet still maintain accessibility..
  • Add a kitchen island large enough to serve as both an area to prep meals, as well as to seat and entertain guests.

Remodeled Kitchen

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