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One of the top bathroom design trends over the past few years has been installing walk-in showers with frameless glass enclosures and/or doors. Almost all of our bathrooms incorporate this type of shower, for clients both young and old.

For bigger spaces with both a tub and shower, you can simply remove the existing shower pan and replace it with zero-entry style that runs flush with floor. When it comes to the tub, most people are opting to remove the old Jacuzzi models and install freestanding bathtubs. Check out Signature Hardware’s selection.

For smaller spaces that have a tub/shower combo, the tub is removed and converted into a shower. Not having a tub in the home can be a daunting proposition for many, so think through the best option for you and your tastes. That being said, you would be shocked to see how much space is gained by simply removing the tub altogether.

Here are some more top bathroom design trends:

  1. Custom-built vanities
  2. Statement-making floor tiles
  3. Natural stone or wood-looking ceramic tile
  4. Natural light.
  5. Frameless glass doors and frameless glass enclosures
  6. Smart fixtures that control multiple water sources, flow and temperature

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