BackTreat Yourself to Personalized, Everyday Comfort11/10/20

Bathroom remodeling projects should always focus on accessibility, functionality and comfort. At Wineteer Construction, we take this idea to the next level by including personalization to areas beyond the bathroom’s shared spaces.


With the strategic placement of cabinets, lighting and other accessories like a side vanity, we bring your vision to life by making your bathroom more than just a space for getting ready but also relaxing.



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For the bathroom remodeling project above, we utilized all of the available space in the room and added functional elements that doubled as décor and storage. By working together with our client and understanding the possibilities behind the space, we delivered a bathroom full of light, space and functionality.

Treat yourself to a renewed space where you can relax and feel comfortable. For more inspiration and ideas for your next remodeling project, contact our experts today.



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