BackElbow Room for Your Summer Party Plans06/08/17

A group people sitting at a table eating and cheering with wine glasses

June is here and it’s time to let the summer festivities begin! Have you been thinking about hosting your own gathering to kick-off the season? Well don’t let your entertainment space hold you back. When it comes to how many guests to plan on attending the party, a general rule of thumb to making sure your guests have ample room to spread-out and enjoy:


Divide the square footage of your home by five (how much space each person needs approximately). (source: Life Hacker)

Always wondered if your home is large enough and ready to accommodate your neighborhood block party? The quick chart from Suburban Rental on how much space is needed per person for each activity is a great guide.

If your entertainment rooms or outdoor spaces aren’t large enough to accommodate your summer plans, the experts at Wineteer Construction are here to help! Planned Right. Priced Right. Done Right. We work with you to help keep your next remodeling project on the Right track. 

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