Planned right. Priced right. Done right.

Easy to say, hard to do. What does the phrase really mean? At Wineteer Construction, it means we are committed to doing the right thing right all the time. It’s more than a simple tagline, it’s our DNA that creates the culture that we abide by.

Planned Right: Our process begins at the planning stage. Planning is nothing more than diligent preparation based upon our thirty years of experience in the industry. Understanding that no two projects are alike, any more than no two houses are the same, we bring a systematic approach to the planning element that focuses on design and material selection. Creating a partnership with our clients goes a long way towards determining the overall success of the project.

Priced Right: Our templates are based on metrics that have been compiled over thirty years and compared against industry benchmarks to ensure the most competitive pricing and value. The project cost is ultimately how a company is judged and we honor our pricing model, regardless of obstacles that may be encountered along the way.

Done Right: Our software allows for a seamless transition from the sales to the production process, which translates into efficiency and an ability to adhere to strict time lines. It also incorporates checks and balances throughout the process to track progress, changes and revisions. It is the reason that we have every confidence to offer a five-year guarantee on our work.

Wineteer Construction specializes in residential design-build projects. We deliver what we promise through precise planning, pricing and execution.


Getting the Biggest Remodeling Bang for your Buck

Before you can discover the value and ROI of a remodeling project, you first have to identify the true costs to each project. According to the 2020 Cost vs. Value Report, Kansas City homeowners come out value winners when completing a home remodel.

Kitchen Remodel 
The facts: 64% of remodeling costs are readily recouped when you are ready to sell your home. The more expensive projects continue to bring the most value!



Bathroom Remodel 
The facts: 58.6% of bathroom remodeling costs are readily recouped when you are ready to sell your home.



Master Suite Addition 
The facts: 58.5% of Master Suite remodeling costs are readily recouped when you are ready to sell your home.


Download the Cost vs. Value report for 2020 to learn more.

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