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Merriam, a beautiful Kansas community, is the heart of Wineteer Construction’s remodeling services. We’ve collaborated with numerous Merriam families, handling kitchen, bathroom, basement, whole home, and outdoor remodels.

Established in 1988, we’re one of the top local home remodeling experts in Kansas City. We handle both residential and commercial projects, providing comprehensive design and build services. Unlike others in the business, we emphasize the importance of an upfront design and exploratory phase to better cater to our clients’ kitchen, bathroom, and whole home remodeling needs.

With an impressive portfolio of top-tier bathroom, kitchen, and home remodeling projects in Merriam, we are ready to take on your home improvement project. Reach out to Wineteer Construction today to experience our local, friendly approach backed by a dedicated and efficient team.

Bathroom, Kitchen, and Whole Home Remodeling Experts in Merriam

Wineteer employees will become your go-to contacts along each aspect of the project. We don’t have a rotating door of subcontractors that come and go. We have an established team that is equipped, experienced, and ready to bring your vision to life. As an award-winning home remodeling company in Merriam, Wineteer focuses on design and details. Our experienced team is constantly communicating each step of the process with the client, so the process is less stressful.

Wineteer has a well-perfected process responsible for the success of hundreds of home remodeling projects throughout Kansas City. Our team provides an individualized experience for each client, with access to the Wineteer team to answer any of your questions. If Merriam residents are looking for a large design and build firm that finishes hundreds of homes each year… that’s just not Wineteer. We are design boutique remodelers with extremely high standards set to complete award-winning home remodels. Check out the project galleries from homes around Merriam, Kansas for inspiration.

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Kitchen Remodeling

Wineteer Construction offers an exceptional design and build experience in Merriam and all of Johnson County, Kansas. From kitchen remodeling to master bathroom renovations, whole home remodeling, and aging in place modifications, Wineteer understands that remodeling is a large investment. One of the most popular remodels begins in your home’s kitchen. Your kitchen is likely one of the most visited rooms within a home. From your baby’s first birthday cake smash to their graduation dinner, the kitchen can be designed to fit your family’s needs at each stage of life. From energy-efficient appliances to new cabinets and an oversized island, Wineteer’s team will work with you every step of the way to bring your true vision to life.

As an A+ rated Better Business Bureau company, Wineteer Construction is Merriam’s top kitchen remodeling company. The design phase begins with an in-depth conversation with Wineteer’s in-house designer and the homeowner. Wineteer will listen to all the homeowner’s wants, needs, likes, dislikes, must-haves, and absolutely nots for a clear understanding of expectations, budget, and timeline. Check out some of Wineteer’s top kitchen remodeling projects for inspiration.

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Bathroom Remodeling

Merriam homes are known for their historic beauty, style, and charisma that boosts the resale value. One aspect that remains true for many Kansas City residents is partnering with a locally owned and operated bathroom remodeling contractor. Wineteer’s team lives, works, and raises families in the Kansas City area, so homeowners can trust that their team is fully invested. Our bathroom remodeling and renovation expertise are second to none, beginning with the design-build concepts.

When finding a company to complete your bathroom remodeling project, a homeowner should invest some time and research into the best option. This is a large commitment on all fronts, so you need to feel fully comfortable with the company that will be in your home for weeks, or months! Wineteer has a process that has proven successful for the past 35 years. Their team knows what works and brings the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction to each project.

After all your research, reference-checking, and discussions, Merriam homeowners should feel 100% confident in their bathroom remodeling company. Wineteer’s team will make the process as thorough, seamless, and stress-free as possible. The homeowner will know the timeline details before the project begins. The Wineteer team will work hard to reduce disruptions in your daily life. Our team has been recognized as the leading bathroom remodeling company in Merriam. Are you ready to bring your dream bathroom to life?

Window and Door Replacement Specialists in Merriam, KS

Recognized as Kansas City’s Favorites Gold Best in Doors and Windows, Wineteer Construction partners with Merriam homeowners for their door and window replacement projects. One of the first parts of a home that you notice is the windows and doors. This can impact your home’s value and curb appeal immediately. Merriam homeowners use Wineteer to increase efficiency and install the windows and doors right the first time. Reach out today for a free consultation on your door and window replacement project.

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Whole Home Remodeling in Merriam

Investing in your house makes sense in most situations. When your home remodel extends beyond a bathroom or kitchen remodel into additional rooms, additions, or renovations, trust Wineteer for your whole home remodeling projects. Wineteer can handle your whole home remodeling project from beginning to end, within budget, and on time. Wineteer’s team handles many projects simultaneously – from bathroom and kitchen remodels to whole home and Aging in Place modifications. We have you covered.

When it comes to whole home remodeling, Merriam residents want a home remodeling contractor that they can trust and produce the results. Reach out to Wineteer for a home remodel design consultation today – you will not regret it!


Wineteer Construction is Merriam’s Top Home Remodeling Company

Wineteer provides a top-notch experience for all kitchen, bathroom, outdoor, aging in place, and whole home remodeling projects, treating all clients like family. Our locally owned and operated business values the relationship we develop with each client. As homeowners continue throughout each stage of life, Wineteer has found great satisfaction in helping aging households with their aging in place modifications, which are affordable and aesthetically appealing. Our modification process takes many factors into consideration and determines the best aging in place plan for each person.

We will make your home remodeling process enjoyable, allowing Merriam homeowners the opportunity to enjoy a stress-free process and watch your vision truly come to life. Let us help you get started today.

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