Organization is Key to a Happy Holiday

Hosting holiday gatherings should be a time of joy and celebration, focused on spending quality time with your guests and not on cleaning, organizing or worrying about meal preparations. Remodeling your kitchen with a walk-in pantry is a great way to ensure your gatherings focus on the important things this holiday season. According to a… Read More >>

Your Dream Home is Within Reach

We hope you are enjoying the holiday season in your home with friends, family and other guests! December will bring even more traffic through your home with multiple occasions to gather and celebrate. Are there projects you have in mind that would help you obtain your dream home during these festivities? What does your dream… Read More >>

Thanksgiving Starts with the Heart

Thanksgiving is a time to surround yourself with loved ones while sharing your appreciation for the many blessings and opportunities that have come from the past year. To ensure your Thanksgiving starts with the heart and offers a warm, welcoming holiday gathering for friends, family and others, take these tips into account: Focus on the… Read More >>

The Right Way to Remodel

President and CEO Mike Dodd recently appeared on KC Live to encourage homeowners interested in home remodeling that with the proper planning, changes in remodeling projects can be reduced and taken care of well. Read his key points below, or watch the full KC Live segment here »   Change orders are construction documents that… Read More >>

Relieving Remodeling Hesitations

We’ve already learned from the 2017 Hanley Wood Cost v. Value Report that kitchen remodeling is worth your investment, with about 65 percent of the costs recouped. Even still, you might have hesitations on starting a project for various reasons. We want to take a moment to relieve those hesitations for you and help you… Read More >>

Five Ways to Reduce Stress During Holiday Remodels

Believe it or not, the holidays are nearing! Recently on KC Live, Senior Vice President Nick McIntyre offered his insight on how homeowners can reduce stress during holiday remodels. Read his tips below, or watch the full segment here »   Don’t try to be your own General Contractor. When you have a project, there… Read More >>

Behind the Scenes: Project Coordinating

When you hire our team of experts to complete a home renovation of any kind, you gain access to nearly three decades of knowledge and experience in the industry. Whether you don’t have time to plan and oversee the entire project, or simply just don’t want to be in charge of the project, Wineteer Construction… Read More >>

Barrier-Free is Now Trending

  Recently on KC Live, President and CEO Mike Dodd discussed the current trend of barrier-free showers. Read his insights below, or watch the full segment here »   Barrier-free showers are becoming more popular in home remodels, and can benefit essentially any age group and any resident of the home. Not only does it… Read More >>

Why Remodel?

As families grow and times change, a common feeling can arise of wanting to upgrade to a larger home that fits your growing family or to a new home that fits the latest trends in the housing market. The struggle comes when you have fallen in love with your current home, especially if the home… Read More >>

Consider a Bathroom Addition

Did you know that there is money to be made in bathroom additions in the home? According to the 2017 Cost vs. Value Report, homeowners and remodelers can expect on average 51 percent of all bathroom addition costs recouped. Following are the differences and expectations in a mid-range vs. an upscale bathroom addition. Mid-Range Bathroom… Read More >>

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