BackMake Valentine’s Day even Sweeter02/02/18

Everyone knows the staple gift for Valentine’s Day is a nice bottle of wine and chocolates. While these gifts are always appreciated and keep traditions in your relationship alive, why not go big this Valentine’s Day and make the holiday even sweeter?

Picture this – after a long day of work, you and your loved one can wind down with your favorite bottle of wine and decadent chocolates, listening to a romantic playlist with the lights dimmed for maximum ambiance. You’ll revel in a little bit of priceless time to yourselves, washing away the stresses of the day and rediscovering the passion in your relationship.

And it all starts in the wine cellar.


There are many great features you can include in your custom wine cellar, including:

  • A fantastic display of your favorite fines with built-in display units and upright shelving.
  • An island with storage to enjoy the atmosphere and aromas in your cellar while wine tasting.
  • A stand-alone air unit to ensure optimal wine temperatures at all times.
  • Light dimmers to set the mood for any occasion.

No matter how you want to design it, a wine cellar is a gift that never stops giving. Whether you plan a quick, easy and perfect stress reliever for you and your spouse or a fun wine tasting with your friends, your wine cellar will quickly become the favorite room in the home.

Make Valentine’s Day even sweeter this year with a new wine cellar customized to your family’s taste. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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