Relieving Remodeling Hesitations

We’ve already learned from the 2017 Hanley Wood Cost v. Value Report that kitchen remodeling is worth your investment, with about 65 percent of the costs recouped. Even still, you might have hesitations on starting a project for various reasons. We want to take a moment to relieve those hesitations for you and help you… Read More →

Behind the Scenes: Project Coordinating

When you hire our team of experts to complete a home renovation of any kind, you gain access to nearly three decades of knowledge and experience in the industry. Whether you don’t have time to plan and oversee the entire project, or simply just don’t want to be in charge of the project, Wineteer Construction… Read More →

Consider a Bathroom Addition

Did you know that there is money to be made in bathroom additions in the home? According to the 2017 Cost vs. Value Report, homeowners and remodelers can expect on average 51 percent of all bathroom addition costs recouped. Following are the differences and expectations in a mid-range vs. an upscale bathroom addition. Mid-Range Bathroom… Read More →

Bathroom Remodeling Design and Safety Features to Stand the Test of Time!

With technology ever-changing and providing us with more options, there are constantly new advances to choose from that can be added to your bathroom. Whether to modernize or add to the overall functionality, there are several updates you can do that will last well in to the future and add to the “cool factor.” Did you… Read More →

Senior Vice President Nick McIntyre Weighs in: The Seven Don’ts for Your Next Kitchen Remodel

You’ve heard us offer many tips on kitchen remodeling – here is a list of what NOT to do when planning your next project to help bring a different perspective to the table. Don’t waste storage. Utilize the storage space you are creating to the max by adding in drawer dividers and pantry pullouts. Creating… Read More →

2016 Home Remodeling Trends Outlook

Tired of cookie cutter designs? Creating a one-of-a kind home environment to fit a homeowner’s unique tastes and lifestyle is one of the biggest overall trends in remodeling and renovation. In fact, non-traditional custom designed areas, such as, functional workspaces, technology stations, pet amenity areas, spa-like bathrooms and indoor-outdoor connectivity spaces are just a few ways… Read More →

Traditional or Modern? The Latest Kitchen Trends Allow for Both

The newest design trends found in renovated kitchens finally answer the age-old question: traditional or modern? The answer…why pick just one, when a customized plan can incorporate both, with a unique, fun and sophisticated style. The days of minimalistic, sleek, dark wood kitchens has passed, and given way to a new combination of both shabby… Read More →

Wineteer Construction Turns Every Commercial Project into a Great Experience

With more than 150 years of combined renovation experience, Wineteer Construction brings unsurpassed talent, extensive expertise and flexibility to every commercial project. We complete every job, large and small, on time and on budget by solving complex challenges and managing every aspect from design to completion. Specifically, Wineteer Construction works behind the scenes to build themed… Read More →

Final Week: Wineteer Makes L’Cove the Spot to See and Be Seen

After nearly three months of renovations—stripping a 1,200-square-foot space down to the basics and building it back to a stunning addition—Wineteer Construction is proud of our completed work with L’Cove. Wineteer was selected as the construction partner for Avenues Bistro, located in the heart of Brookside in Kansas City. At the end of November, Avenues Bistro… Read More →

Week 8: Wineteer crew focuses on the details in lounge renovation.

Wineteer Construction is proud to be selected as the construction partner for Avenues Bistro, located in the heart of Brookside in Kansas City. Avenues Bistro will be opening L’Cove, a lounge located directly next door to the current space, serving cocktails, desserts and other sumptuous dining options. To showcase the work Wineteer does from the inside… Read More →

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