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Kansas City is beginning to see a little glimpse of fall, beginning with slightly cooler temps, shorter daylight in the evening, and of course the start of the KC Chiefs season! It’s common to have a laundry list of tasks that eventually need to be done, but we have a few to help you check off the Home Improvement Projects to Tackle This Fall. 

#1: Clean Out Those Gutters

Yes, this isn’t a luxurious task, or one that you will see drastic improvements with, but it’s important. Think ahead at the rains heading our way… if the gutters are clogged, this can cause some serious water issues. The gutters work overtime in fall and winter, both battling water, ice, freezing temps, and leaves/tree debris. Clear gutters will help the water flow away from the home, reducing the amount of damage and stress on the roof and home. 

There are several options for cleaning out your gutter. Check out some tips here: 

#2: Irrigation Systems 

We all know the first freeze is right around the corner. Kansas City can literally go from 70 degrees to 25 degrees overnight, or even within hours. It’s important to consider your irrigation system before the cold weather hits. Your irrigation system should be blown out to remove any water, which could cause freezing in the pipes. While you’re at it, store your garden hose, and shut off the water to the exterior faucets. The last thing you want to encounter are frozen/broken pipes. 

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#3: Replace Old Windows

An opportunity to increase your home’s energy efficiency, while raising your property value shouldn’t be dismissed. There are many window companies in the Kansas City area, however Wineteer Construction takes it a step further and finds the most energy efficient window and doors that fit your budget. If you’re beginning to feel the cold air seeping in, or see ice around the trim of your window, you may want to consider a free estimate on your windows and doors. 

new bedroom windows

#4: Repaint and Refinish

Another one of the top Home Improvement Projects to Tackle This Fall is repainting and refinishing. Once the warm weather is sadly gone, it’s time to think about pulling in your grilling equipment, and prepping the patio for the winter elements. Now is a good time to wash all of the cushions, re-stain and refinish your deck, and clean up the area. 

If you’re ready to tackle some projects beyond your scope, reach out to discuss some remodeling and renovation ideas. Our team is equipped to put the design phase of the process first so we can all visualize the end product, and understand expectations before beginning the process. The Wineteer team is ready to tackle your kitchen, bathroom, whole home, door/window, or outdoor renovation. 

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