This renovation captured an ice cream shop next door to create the wine bar area at the front. A number of industrial elements were utilized to deliver a vibe that appeals to the younger crowd. In the spring and fall, the accordion-style windows completely fold up upon themselves to create an open connection to the… Read More →

Lee’s Summit Church

This parish in one of the Kansas City suburbs was a total top to bottom renovation of the interior space. It is home to a smaller congregation, lending itself to some of the cozier features that appeal to the community. The lighting and faux beams bring a dramatic element to the nave.

Worlds of Fun Marketplace

This is another new construction project. Worlds of Fun entertains huge numbers of visitors every year, so the construction must hold up to vigorous standards of durability. This is but one example of that.

Worlds of Fun Haunted House

This new construction project was intentionally built out of square to lend a “creepy” appearance to the structure. Much of the material was reclaimed and repurposed to give it an older look. It’s much more intimidating at night than it is during the daylight!

Worlds of Fun Café

Worlds of Fun is a world class amusement park in Kansas City. Our company has been fortunate enough to have undertaken several renovation projects there, including this beverage kiosk. Given the very short window when projects can be performed, typically between February and May, it presents all kinds of staffing challenges.

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