Ward Parkway Kitchen – Update

This is the fourth complete kitchen renovation undertaken at this residence by Wineteer Construction.  The first was in 1993.  This iteration capitalizes on the abundant space available, but also captures the formerly compartmentalized laundry room area by incorporating it into the kitchen.  The new space allowed for a reconfiguration of the cooking areas and the… Read More →

St. Elizabeth’s Kitchen

This kitchen was unique in that the space (as well as the entire house) was very small and the client had a specific budget that was on the lower end of the spectrum for projects of that variety. Challenge accepted and our design team sharpened their pencils in our commitment to deliver outstanding results. We… Read More →

St. Peter’s Kitchen

Another kitchen with timeless styling that was installed in 2004, that still looks great. A large section of the wall separating the kitchen from the dining room was removed to create a connection between the rooms. This is another example of two different wood elements being used in the kitchen to complement and contrast each… Read More →

Cedar Creek Kitchen

Playful is the operative word when describing this colorful kitchen with rift sawn Oak cabinets and custom stainless steel drawer interiors. These European style cabinets were built in Wineteer’s own shop and the doors are sequence matched. The grain runs straight from the floor through the upper cabinets and is mirrored from side to side…. Read More →

Kansas City Kitchen

This project was performed in 2004 and looks great even today. Four individual rooms were captured to create a large new kitchen space in this classic English Tudor home. An addition was constructed at the back of the house and an enormous steel beam inserted to carry the entire second story load of the structure…. Read More →

Liberty Kitchen

This couple lives in single-family housing that was built in the 1980s. In need of serious updating, our clients chose a white-on-white scheme with matching white appliances, in contrast to the overused stainless steel variety that is so common today. The design does capture modern trends such as grey color elements in the wall paint… Read More →

Lake Winnebago Kitchen

This is about as dramatic as it gets. This home is in a small lake community. The design represents a marriage of both rustic and elegant elements with reclaimed wood alongside painted trim and stained cabinetry. This kitchen boasts custom cabinetry with inset doors, granite countertops and reclaimed wood tile at the backsplash. The ceiling… Read More →

Ward Parkway Kitchen

This traditional kitchen was originally installed by Wineteer Construction in 1993, then updated in 1999 and 2007. The 2007 iteration included distressing of the original custom overlay cabinets to create more of an Olde World look with the addition of glass at the upper cabinet doors, new appliances, granite and cast-in-pace concrete countertops. This is… Read More →

Accessible Kitchen

These homeowners had lived in their home for many years and wanted a highly specialized kitchen with an extreme emphasis on accessibility. One of them is confined to a wheelchair and the other an amateur woodworker. They had very specific ideas about both the material selection and functionality. Custom Cherry cabinetry was built on higher… Read More →

Country Club Plaza Kitchen

This traditional kitchen replaced an older 1960s version that occupied the same footprint width but doubled the length to create a much friendlier environment for this family of four. There were some logistical challenges in being able to externally exhaust the cooktop, given that it was located on an interior wall, but engineered materials and… Read More →

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