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When clients hire Wineteer Construction for home remodels, they aren’t just hiring a company that turns your dreams into a reality (although we do that too!). Homeowners are hiring a team of design and build experts that treat them as family throughout the duration of your project. Our team listens, offers the most viable solutions and suggestions, and completes each task with meticulous detail.  The Wineteer team offers an extensive depth of home remodeling specialties, including bathroom and kitchen remodeling, whole home and aging in place modifications, and whole home remodels. With over three decades of experience, Wineteer has the extensive portfolio of materials, paint, and configurations to ensure your project if completed to your satisfaction.

Every home remodeling company operates differently, but we know that Wineteer involves an in-depth consultation from the owner of the company, tailored to exceed your needs. We do offer general guidance when it comes to kitchen remodeling projects. In this article, 4 Most Common Sink Materials Used in Kitchen Remodels, we’re sharing a bit about the different sink materials and styles of sinks used in our custom kitchen remodeling projects. Are you looking for something more out-of-the-box? We do that too! Whatever your needs, Wineteer Construction is here for you!

In this article, 4 Most Common Sink Materials Used in Kitchen Remodels, the four most common sink materials that we see are stainless steel, granite, or quartz composite, cast iron, and FireClay.  Let’s go over each of these sink materials in detail to determine the best option for your specific home.   4 Most Common Sink Materials Used in Kitchen Remodels


  • Stainless-Steel
    • Tagged the most affordable option, stainless steel comes in a variety of styles and can easily be adjusted to offer different proportions of division for your kitchen needs. A stainless-steel sink cleans easily but it can be dented or scratched, however, a good quality stainless steel sink will last.
  • Composite Sinks
    • Another go-to for kitchen remodeling contractors out there is composite sinks. While white or light colors can stain if you don’t keep up with maintenance, other colors can offer help hiding hard water spots. These sinks also withstand the heat better, adding to the durability of this product. They can be either a man-made quartz composite, or a natural granite composite. Both are which are equally durable.
  • Cast Iron Sinks:
    • Cast Iron Sinks typically have an enameled finish. They are the most likely product to chip, which can lead to rust or even the need to replace the whole sink. However, when handled with care, these sinks can be very durable.
  • FireClay Sinks
    • FireClay Sinks are more chip resistant than cast iron but are still prone to chipping. The pro? Unlike cast iron, these sinks do not often need to be completely replaced once they chip. FireClay is a non-porous material which lends to its stain resistance.
    • Other materials
      • Some sinks are made of entirely different materials which are also on the market, including copper, wood, acrylic, and porcelain. Each have their own list of pros and cons, however while many of them are a neat design feature to add to a kitchen, they can require much higher levels of upkeep, or a lower level of durability compared to the four previously mentioned sinks. This is imperative to keep in mind as you weigh options for the homeowner.

Another common question that our Kansas City area clients ask us is which sink style should I choose? Here are a few other options in the 4 Most Common Sink Materials Used in Kitchen Remodels. Part of the selection criteria during your kitchen remodel with Wineteer includes design, which is also focused on the functionality of the appliance. Let’s understand how you’re using your sink to best determine which style is best for you.

  • Single Basin Sink

The single basin is the most common recommendation for most households looking at a kitchen remodel. With no middle divider, there is room to place an entire cookie sheet, or casserole dish in the sink. A single basin means one drain, allowing a garbage disposer to be installed without the possibility of waste going down the wrong drain. This choice is great for those who cook a lot or for families with young children who are constantly providing snacks. There are many trendy choices for the single basin sink, which can become the talking point of the kitchen!

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  • Divided (Double) Basin Sink

The double basin sink can be either a high or low divide. High divides go almost all the way to the top edge of the sink. A low divide is usually about half the height of the sink, allowing for water buildup on one side, but still allowing room for a full cooking sheet to be washed without being out of the sink. The functionality of the double basin sink is feasible for many households who enjoy the divider when washing dishes or keeping items separate.

  • Farmhouse (Apron Front) Sinks

These sinks are becoming more popular with kitchen remodels. The farmhouse sink is categorized by your ability to see the front of the sink in lieu of a cabinet. Removing the cabinet front, and extending the sink apron forward, in most designs, makes the sinks a little wider front to back than traditional sinks. Not only are you positioned closer to the sink when standing in front of it, but even with the extra sink space, you may also gain some additional countertop space next to the faucet. Many people select this style of sink for the aesthetic design but should consider that drips on the front of the sink are more common with the closer proximity to the user. These sinks can come in single or divided basin. You should discuss the best option for the space with your kitchen remodel contractor.

  • Workstation Sinks

This overarching category of sinks covers any sink that has additional components. The workstation sinks typically have a built-in ledge that can hold baskets, strainers, cutting boards, or any accessories that fits the size of the sink. These sinks have a more modular feel and can change to fit the needs of your kitchen. They have no limitations on materials but can come at a higher price-point due to the customization and accessories offered.

Sink installation should be performed by your trusted kitchen remodeling team and can be overmount or undermount. Wineteer Construction’s recommendation is to undermount the sink. Aside from creating a seamless look and making cleaning your kitchen counters easier, undermounting the sink also helps eliminate deterioration of a seal that an overmount sink requires. The seal on the counter can build up junk, eventually wearing it down, requiring it to be re-installed to ensure no leaks occur. With an undermount sink you don’t have to worry about this!

When reviewing the endless options for your kitchen remodel sink, consider the functionality and aesthetic value that the sink can bring to your life. If you’re in the Kansas City area, consider Wineteer Construction to relieve the stress and indecisiveness by bringing your kitchen remodeling dreams to lie! If you are ready for more education and in-depth consultation on your latest home renovation project, give us a call today. We can’t wait to turn your dreams into a reality!

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