BackA Bright and Spacious Kitchen Update06/06/22

When our clients in Independence reached out to our Wineteer Construction team for a few updates to their home, we were delighted to get started on the design process. They wanted to make the indoor and outdoor spaces of their home feel more connected, and our team did just that!

Kitchen before remodel Before deck remodel on home

A central part of their remodeling goals was to create an open and inviting area that brings the indoors outside and vice versa. Starting out, the kitchen and existing deck, and the dining area, were each connected, but still very separated spaces. Each had its own use, but none provided the overall experience that our clients wanted for this space—a space to entertain, be accessible, and functional all at once. 

 By updating the single door and windows, to two sets of French doors, we not only added much-needed natural light, but we also connected the indoor dining area with the dining and lounge areas on the deck!

These Pella French Doors are not your normal French doors. They are eight-foot-tall openings, making them commercial height doors, as opposed to your usual 6’8” residential interior doorways. This taller opening makes the kitchen that much more integrated with the deck entertainment area, opening the space to make them feel almost like one room with the doors open. Alternatively, the doors have Pella’s built-in blind system, making it easy to separate the two areas when desired. 

We hope our clients enjoy these spaces this coming summer to entertain and relax!

Check back in the coming weeks to hear more about their Kitchen and Deck renovations!

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