BackA “Climate Controlled” Room Addition05/13/21

Room additions are very special projects that tend to challenge the creativity of professionals. Whether the project entails dividing a room into multiple spaces, or building a new room adjacent to the home, additions need to look seamless, like they were always intended to be part of the house’s design, and that is exactly what we did for our client.

Wanting to have a room with a separate heating and cooling system, our client reached out to Wineteer to build a room adjacent to the master bedroom that would always be at 50ºF.

Taking into consideration the current design of the house and placement of the current rooms, our team decided to close in the balcony leading out of the master bedroom.

The changes to the space included the following:

  • The arched columns were removed and walls were built with window panes that led to a 180º view of the outdoors.
  • The stamped floor was updated to match the hardwood floors of the interior.
  • French doors were incorporated to ensure the beautiful view from outside was accessible from the main bedroom.
  • A separate heating and cooling system was installed, ensuring our client would always be able to enjoy a preferred temperature.


Outside of providing our client with a space specific to his likes, we also made an update to the home that didn’t change the structure or looked out of place. Best of all, the views from the space are just as incredible as before.

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