BackA Kitchen Update with Style02/16/21

Kitchens are very special places because of their multifunctionality. From cooking to enjoying a warm beverage with friends, kitchens bring people together. Think about the times you have gone to visit friends or have hosted friends for an event. Have you noticed that people tend to make their way to the kitchen?

Could it be the welcoming spaces for chatter and catching up? The fridge with snacks or the glasses waiting to be filled with beverages? Maybe it’s the oven, where the delicious baking happens. Regardless of your reason for hanging out in a kitchen, one idea behind the space is common: It is a very important part of a home.

For the project below, our experts made updates that transformed our customer’s kitchen into a reflection of their style and need of functional space.

The updates included the following:

  • The double ovens were relocated to a more open location.
  • The utility room and the kitchen were connected to allow for more counter space.
  • A steam oven was installed on top of the double ovens.
  • The dishwasher was moved up off the floor; this is an update we always suggest to clients when the floor plans allow for it.
  • Aesthetic enhancements were added by installing glass tile up the wall and around the ventilation hood.
  • Contrast between the surfaces was created by installing different materials on different counters; we used concrete for some of the counters and granite for others.
  • Traditional white cabinets were installed to create an elegant and beautiful feel in the room while allowing more options for the decorations surrounding them.

Overall, the updates added space and functionality as well as an eclectic style that made the kitchen even more welcoming and beautiful.

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