BackWeek 3: Avenues Bistro renovation project takes shape in week three.10/06/14

Wineteer Construction is proud to be selected as the construction partner for Avenues Bistro, located in the heart of Brookside in Kansas City. In the fall of 2014, Avenues Bistro will be opening L’Cove, a lounge located directly next door to the current space, serving cocktails, desserts and other sumptuous dining options.

To showcase the work Wineteer does from the inside out, we will be posting pictures of the progress on a regular basis. This series will continue until the new Avenues Bistro space is finished.

During the third week of the project, our phenomenal team framed structures to create various, distinct sections in the interior of the space. The most noticeable addition might be the entire back portion of dry wall. But the sleekest change so far was replacing the dingy, white tile ceiling with uniform, black paint. The dark color really elevates the space to give it a more open feel.


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