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Updating spaces in your home takes time. You have to have an idea of the changes you would like to see, come up with a design that enhances the level of comfort and functionality of the room, develop a budget, and get to work. When you work with Wineteer Construction, our experts will support you every step of the way. Keep reading for a behind-the-scenes look at one of our client’s projects. 

 All of these steps were recently covered with a client from the South Plaza/Brookside area who wanted to update the master bath, guest bath and kitchen in their home. Keep reading to learn more about this project.

Behind the Scenes Access: Deconstruction
Like any other remodeling project, removing current elements and fixtures from the room is the first step to creating your desired renovations.

Our team began this project by installing ZipWalls and plastic sheeting to contain any dust and debris that is created during deconstruction and installation. 

After lining the doorways, our team proceeded to remove unnecessary cabinetry and elements from the kitchen to make space for new ones.

Behind the Scenes Access: Material Choices
Both the kitchen and bathrooms required updates to current materials, including tiles.

Our friends at Daltile provided wonderful tile options for the different spaces:

  Decorative Kitchen Tiles   Updated tile and paint

MSI gave us the best options for the kitchen backsplash:


Lastly, SCI provided the best countertops for all rooms:

The Final Product: A Sneak Peek
The completed project ensured the spaces have a fresh, updated look. The colors used throughout the rooms create great contrast, and our client is a happy home owner.

We will be sharing more details about this project in upcoming posts. Stay tuned and be ready to get inspired for your next remodeling project.

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