BackComfort-Based Design: A Bathroom Transformation04/20/21

When it comes to remodeling projects, our experts at Wineteer Construction will ensure to make your vision a reality by not only providing their expertise in design and construction but also keeping your needs a priority.

For the bathroom remodeling project below, our clients had a vision that focused on their present as much as their future.

Our clients’ elderly parents visit from time to time, so they wanted to have a bathroom that would accommodate the parents’ mobility needs while creating a space that would serve them in the future.

Navigating the Intricacies of (lack of) Space
The original space was quite small. Containing the standard bathroom amenities, the space was not Aging in Place friendly.  

To work around the issues with space, our experts decided to create a wet room, a completely water-proofed bathroom with the shower leveled the same as the rest of the floor. By doing so, our team added space to the bathroom and removed any unnecessary barriers that blocked mobility.

The design of the bathroom is contemporary, with niches in the walls for storing items or adding decorations, a heated mirror and a modern sink and showerheads.

The new bathroom design is functional and modern, ensuring that both our clients and their visitors are comfortable.

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