BackCreating Art in a Unique Master Bathroom Remodel09/07/22

Design for a home remodel project is a lot like creating art: it all starts with a big idea. For this master bathroom remodel our client based her entire design on having lived in Hawaii. Our client said: “I loved the idea of bringing nature into the home. I contacted three remodelers and chose Wineteer because Nick came across as very personable and willing to work with me to make my ideas come to life. He also brought some ideas I hadn’t considered.” She had a specific piece of artwork to work with that emulated the ocean waves. We were able to incorporate the distinct blues and pattern in her painting through complementing tile work. We’re excited to share this unique master bathroom remodel with you and dive into a behind-the-scenes look at this one-of-a-kind project!

Through the questions we asked in our initial consultation we knew that the master bathroom remodel would involve moving from a traditional shower-and-tub to a zero-entry shower, both for visual appeal and future accessibility needs to keep the client in her home for years to come. Our client wanted to keep the tub element in her home so we elected to include a freestanding tub in a corner of the bathroom. However, we didn’t like the idea of not having a place to set toiletries or miscellaneous items near the tub, so we created a custom corner-piece shelf behind the tub that blends in with the wall and is hidden from view most of the time.

Our client voiced that the bathroom had an outdated look and feel and she wanted her bathroom to be more modern. During our design phase we specifically brought in pieces to elevate her space but also ensured that the changes would not date her bathroom down the road. We stripped the existing wallpaper and painted the room. Another large change to the space was a move from a vaulted ceiling to a flat ceiling in the bathroom, which was a key objective for this client to accomplish in her master bathroom remodel.

During the process we also replaced her countertops in two other bathrooms with the same materials used in the master to create a cohesive design theme throughout the home. We chose to add a vessel sink in one of the bathrooms and painted both bathrooms in the same color as the master. The second bathroom also received a new sink and paint.

Now for the details of the master: duplicating the artwork from our client’s travels allowed us to create a unique design element with the blue tile band throughout the space. Our client shared: “Nick was patient enough to meet me at several tile shops until we found exactly what I wanted. Even when working with the glass tile became a challenge, Nick made it work and the results are beautiful. I couldn’t be happier with the results and everyone at Wineteer was lovely to work with.” The tile used is recycled glass that is extremely high-end and was challenging to work with, but our crews are experienced in tile-work and complete custom tile requests frequently. Our client also had a piece of mahogany furniture to include in the bathroom and wanted the cabinets to match. Knowing that South American mahogany is extremely rare we substituted with sapele, which is an African mahogany species that achieved the desired look. These custom cabinets have inset, ribbon-style doors with rain glass on the inside of the cabinet door.

For the new barrier-free shower we were inspired by the hexagonal marble tile in the toilet closet. As it was still in great condition we kept this and matched the floor of the shower to the toilet closet, using polished tile on the shower wall but matte on the floor. We used different shapes of the tile but the same marbled pattern. The door of the shower is a frameless glass shower door, standard for barrier-free showers, and the fixtures are a brushed nickel Delta line. The hardware on the cabinetry is also brushed nickel.

We really enjoyed getting to bring our client’s vision to life with this complete master bathroom remodeling project! Adding personal touches and incorporating part of the client’s story made this remodeling project very meaningful to both Wineteer and our client. We hope to achieve this level of personal detail with each of our projects, as each remodel is unique. We can’t wait to help you create your dream space!

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