BackCustom Deck for Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen Living10/10/22

custom deck at twilight What a project! When this client called us to look at their dilapidated deck (due to a bad manufacturing lot of pressure treated lumber) and wanted to update their outdated and poorly laid out kitchen we jumped at the opportunity to make the magic happen! Our main objective to solve the client’s need was to bring the kitchen and the deck into a contiguous space that was built for entertaining. We also had the chance to replace numerous windows and add a new set of French doors between the kitchen and deck spaces.

We replaced a grand total of fifteen (15) windows across the screened in porch and deck and twilight home that were old, rotten, and well overdue for window replacement. For security reasons all window replacements are started and completed within the same day. All of the new windows are Pella brand, but have a variety of interior colors. All of the windows are aluminum-clad with wood interior for the energy-efficient purposes. Some windows are painted on the interior and some are stained, simply based on what textures and looks fit that particular room the best.

indoor/outdoor living space All of the new windows use Low-E glass and are filled with argon gas. The Low-E glass (short for Low-Emissivity or Low-Emittance) contains a microscopic coating that makes a window more thermally efficient, saving you money on your heating and cooling. The coating is thin, non-toxic, and virtually colorless, so you won’t even notice it when your windows are installed! Argon gas has been used in window manufacturing for years with double-pane windows. This gas filling can help insulate a room and minimizes heat transfer through glass, again helping to save you money.

We knew that the new deck needed to have a screened in ceiling fan on vaulted gable ceiling porch with a covered roof; our client liked the idea of a tall ceiling on the deck as well. We chose to install a car siding tongue-and-groove ceiling. To bring in the Colorado-esque cabin vibe, we vaulted the center gable. We elected to leave it open to bring light in which leads to the outdoorsy feel that the client was targeting. They also had low to no maintenance as a goal for the deck, so we chose to steel frame the structure so it would never rot out.

  deck with french doors This high-end, custom request for a deck accomplished exactly what the client asked for, which is the beauty of remodeling with a company that puts customer relationship first! We took the time to ask our client the important questions and execute on the components of the project that were most impactful to our client. The decking is TimberTech and we used a fortress AL13 aluminum railing system – a high-end material that won’t rot. The clients also added heaters for the chilly fall months to be able to watch football games (Go Chiefs!) and have a seamless entertainment experience. steel reinforced deck

As we now had a screened in porch to work with (as opposed to a deck only) we had the ability to make what was a single 36-inch wide door onto the deck into two 8-foot tall by 6-foot wide French doors. This certainly elevated the space and brought character to the indoor/outdoor living concept. The two French doors can be completely open to the deck with no bugs getting into the kitchen. They allow our clients to experience the outside weather comfortably.

It was important to our clients to still allow privacy in the deck and screened in porch view from outside kitchen and to separate the two spaces when desired so we elected Pella doors with blinds between the insulated glass. No more cleaning those pesky blinds! All our client has to worry about is keeping the glass panes clean yet they still receive the benefit of blinds that are functional. The doors also have a triple locking mechanism for security, since they do open to the outside.

french doors entering the kitchen The outsides of the French doors are aluminum-clad with a wood interior. Aluminum does not rot and holds up to the elements, adding longevity to the doors. The wood interior insulates the home creating energy-efficiency. The combination of the two materials produces an energy-efficient, long-lasting product. We love the way the french doors really helped to make the space come together to truly create an indoor/outdoor entertaining space. Stay tuned to hear more about the kitchen updates!

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