BackDetails that Matter: An AIP Bathroom Remodel01/27/22

When it comes to remodeling projects, details matter. From the design of the new space to the selection of the materials, color scheme and more, our team of experts at Wineteer Construction work closely with our clients to ensure every detail brings out the best of the space.

Our client requested a bathroom design that provided accessibility and luxury, and our team brought together the ideas of style, accessibility and functionality to the next level by incorporating elements that are multifaceted in use and luxurious. 

More than Meets the Eye
With the right elements and the best materials for the job, our team got to work to create the best space for our client. The shower was designed with a barrier-free entry for easy access and polished nickel fixtures were added to add a bit of warmth to the room. Grab bars and a flip-up bench were included in the shower to add the best mobility support. Adding to this comfortable space, our team included accessible locations for the fixtures to change the flow of water from the shower head to the hand-held. Lastly, the towel rings in the shower provide easy access to the towels while helping keep water within the shower area, where it will easily drain.

Outside of the shower, the bathroom’s floor is heated. This is an exciting element in many bathroom remodeling projects and one of our client’s favorite additions, as it always helps keep the room at a desired temperature and removes the unfortunate experience of cold feet in the middle of the night! Another surprising element is the towel bars, which are actually grab bars that can hold up to 300lbs; their look is so stylish you would not be able to tell their multifaceted functionality. 


At the vanity, each section of the custom mirrored medicine cabinet opens up to ample space for storage. This helps keep the counter clean and makes up for the lack of vanity cabinets underneath to keep the wheelchair accessible sink. 

At first glance, our client’s bathroom is a luxurious, functional space. Taking a closer look, every aspect of the design keeps the accessibility needs in mind, while keeping everything looking like it belongs there. 

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