BackEmployee Spotlight – Emma Franklin09/30/21

As Wineteer Construction’s Designer and Project Coordinator, Emma Franklin supports the everyday tasks of our team. She serves as the point of contact with our partners and helps keep our projects on track while also helping to ensure that our clients’ visions come to life! Keep reading to learn more about our team member.

Tell us about your current role with Wineteer Construction.
My role at Wineteer involves wearing many hats. Some days I’m helping with design, color selection, and spatial design. Other times I’m handling payroll, ordering supplies, or following up on new project leads. Whatever hat I’m wearing, there’s always something new for me to learn!

What is your favorite part of being part of the Wineteer team?
I love getting involved in the design process! Learning each person’s creative wants and their functional needs for their space can lead to some very cool combinations of functionality and design. 

What motivates you about your focus with Wineteer?
I never thought I would be working at a construction/remodeling company! Or for a small business for that matter. It’s been a fun experience learning about the industry. Supporting people in a smaller business leads to more meaningful connections, and the ability to be flexible in what you do!

What surprises you about your work at Wineteer?
I never really understood the amount of problem-solving that occurs on a daily basis in remodeling! From taking a project that someone else said they couldn’t do, and coming up with a creative and affordable solution, to the daily juggling of suppliers and subcontractors, there is always room for creative solutions. 

Do you have any favorite projects completed by Wineteer that come to mind? Why are they your favorite?
One of my current favorites is a Kitchen and Master bathroom that we are currently working on! Our clients are using lots of color and texture to create an amazing space that is uniquely theirs! You can check back in a couple of weeks to read more about it!

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
The advice I probably turn to the most is to live each day as if it’s special. Don’t save the fancy coffee for the perfect Saturday morning, make today the best morning, by drinking the fancy coffee.

What is your favorite quote?
 “Enjoy the satisfaction that comes from doing the little things well.” ~H. Jackson Jr. 

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