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Usually, different states or cities require different types of permits and licenses for home renovation projects. In some places, you can do many big remodeling projects even without any permission from the local authority, but in others, you’ll need specific permits, even for a few changes in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other part of your house. You should even consider your neighborhood Homeowners Association, as there are specific requirements for remodeling or additions as well. 

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If you’re not working with a home remodeling contractor, you will be responsible for pulling the permits yourself. There are many advantages for working with a design build firm, such as Kansas City’s Wineteer Construction, because they are familiar with each municipality’s requirements and process.  Some people avoid getting the permits just to avoid the time and cost spent on getting them. However, not getting the permits will be more disastrous. Let’s learn more about it from this article.

Do You Really Need Licenses and Permits for Remodeling?

Continue to explore the Essential Permits for Your Bathroom & Kitchen Remodel, if you remodel a kitchen or bathroom that needs necessary permits or licenses, the result can be devastating both practically and legally. 

Also, licenses and permits are needed to make sure the remodeling works and results are safe for everyone during the remodeling and after the completion of the work. If you want to resell the property and the remodeling doesn’t have the required permits, it will lead to complications, and potential buyers will refuse to be involved with the problematic property.

Unpermitted works also won’t cover any insurance, so you’ll need to spend more on the repairs in the future. Moreover, future renovations, demolitions, and obtaining necessary future requirements will be more challenging as you’ll have illegal records. That’s why it’s really important to obtain licenses and permits for even small remodeling projects when necessary.

Licenses and Permits for Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

In this section, we’ve categorized the types of licenses and permits you’ll need to renovate your bathrooms or kitchens with different issues.


Bathrooms and kitchens usually have many in-built and separate appliances, including HVAC systems. If your remodeling project needs to change the systems, like how much power they’ll use, or add more mechanical parts, you’ll need mechanical permits and licenses.

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Usually, most renovations need changes to electrical wiring, fixtures, or outlets for any lighting or appliances. And any change to electrical items requires electrical licenses and permits


Often, bathroom and kitchen renovations require altering the plumbing items like sinks, toilets, showers, new lines or faucets, etc. For these reasons, you’d need to get plumbing permits and licenses for most of your renovations.


You’ll need building or structural permits and licenses when the bathroom or kitchen renovation requires visual and structural changes in the building. For example, adding or removing windows, doors, walls, roofs, etc. kitchen and bathroom remodeling permits


If the bathroom or kitchen renovation work needs to do demolition of any part of the building, you’ll need special permits for the demolition works, for possible noise, to park demolition trucks in the neighborhood, and many more depending on the place you’re living.


You’ll need landscaping permits and licenses if you want to do any renovation work that can change the landscape on your property. For example, if you have a separate kitchen or washroom in your backyard and want to cut down any trees for it or add fences or decks for them, you’ll need permission for these changes. Check out this article, 10 Landscaping Trends to Watch in 2024, for ways to maximize your home’s curb appeal. 


Sometimes the changes in your bathroom and kitchen can relate to environmental concerns, that’s why you’ll need permits to use different materials or appliances or change anything. Many materials, like asbestos, paints, boards, etc., can contain harsh chemicals that can lead to potential hazards. That’s why it’s really important to get environmental permits.


In some cases, you’ll need permits to improve the accessibility feature in your house, specifically in bathrooms, to make things easier for toddlers, the elderly, and disabled people. For accessibility features, there are specific codes, licenses, and permits, so ensure they get one, especially if the kitchen and bathrooms are open to the public. 

How to Get Remodeling Permits and Licenses

Continuing on the Essential Permits for Your Bathroom & Kitchen Remodel insight, this process can seem a bit complex and time-consuming if you’re new to this. However, if you follow these general steps, things will be easier:

  • Contact the professionals and local permit office to become familiar with the required rules, regulations, and renovation licenses for that area. If you have a design build remodeling company, similar to Kansas City’s Wineteer Construction, they will help you along the process. 
  • Create a detailed final plan on what type of work you’ll do with the help of the contractor to enlist and finalize what type of licenses and permits are needed to finish the renovation project successfully.
  • Get the necessary application, papers, and forms to obtain the permits from the local authority and submit them with accurate and necessary information. Also, make sure to provide all the documents and fees properly to avoid future complications. You can consider keeping copies of the documents for future reference.
  • You’ll need some time for the documentation to get reviewed and approved. Don’t just wait; plan for the next steps and prepare the site as the authority may want to inspect the area.
  • In case the permissions for the renovation project need essential reports on engineering tests, do the tests and provide authority with reports. You can also ask them for a representative to see the test result firsthand for quick decisions.
  • Negotiating and navigating through this process can be a bit complex, so you can get a contractor that offers to do this tedious work of gathering essential permits for your remodeling projects. You can just inspect the process when you’ve got time.

If you contact a reputed and experienced local contractor, they’ll inform you about all the licenses and permits required for your specific projects. It’ll be better if you hire a bathroom or kitchen specialist, as they usually have specific licenses and permits ready for many projects. However, to avoid more complexity, ensure the contractor you’re hiring has real licenses, not fakes.  If you’re in the Kansas City area, reach out to Wineteer for a kitchen, bathroom, whole home, or aging in place remodel. 

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