BackGather and Share: A Kitchen Update05/07/21

As a space to gather and share, the kitchen is a deserving room for home updates. Looking to make the space more inviting and functional, our clients reached out to Wineteer to make updates that would add modernism and style while focusing on functionality.

Extending the Space in Style
With cabinets extending beyond the prepping areas, the kitchen embraced an open concept that would keep those in the kitchen and the living room interacting and spending quality time together.

The white cabinets, alongside all of the stainless steel appliances and marble countertops, provide a touch of modernism. Most importantly, the kitchen looks spacious and inviting.

A clear cabinet was also included as part of the kitchen to create contrast and to differentiate between the areas for prepping and entertaining.

From cocktail parties to full-on holiday meals, our clients will be able to host their friends and family in a renewed, modern and functional space, made just for them.

Check out the project pictures below:

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