BackWeek 4: The vibe of L’Cove is pieced together.10/16/14

Wineteer Construction is proud to be selected as the construction partner for Avenues Bistro, located in the heart of Brookside in Kansas City. Avenues Bistro will be opening L’Cove, a lounge located directly next door to the current space, serving cocktails, desserts and other sumptuous dining options.

To showcase the work Wineteer does from the inside out, we are posting pictures of the progress on a regular basis. These dynamic images capture the changes seen from inside and outside, as our crew continued with work. In the fourth week of the project, major installations have been attached to the ceiling.

The black, gray and orange colors are the first hints at the final esthetic. Equally important as the view from the inside looking up is the view from the outside looking in. With a wall of windows, the vibe our renovation crafts will be viewed by diners as they arrive at the new lounge.

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