BackInnovative Soda Fountain Allows Contractors to Get Creative09/10/14

Coca-Cola first rolled out the Freestyle fountain, which dispenses more than 120 different flavor options, as another treat found at Universal Studios and Walt Disney World theme parks in Florida. These prime, initial positions set a benchmark that the whole product line of Coke’s self-service stands must contribute to the overall experience for patrons at zoos, aquariums and museums.

Wineteer Construction understands these theme park visitors are immersed in a special environment and each aspect of their trip should be unique. So, our recent design for a Coca-Cola Freestyle fountain, at Worlds of Fun—a 235-acre amusement park in Kansas City, combines hints from surrounding building structures, but with Coke’s innovative, modern vibe. The added structure also incorporates Coke’s very recognizable brand, but alters the presentation to make it unique to the park’s aesthetic.

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