BackKeep your love of wine bottled up, safely and luxuriously at home.08/19/15

According to a Zagat survey, the biggest annoyances with dining out are noise, service, prices and crowds, not to mention losing control over the quality of food and waiting 30 minutes to an hour for a table. To help you avoid the chaos, Wineteer Construction wants to elevate your home to be the latest hot spot for your closest friends, who would instantly ditch long-standing reservations for an invitation to your exclusive dining experience.

Today’s specials will pair excellently with your lifestyle.
Like a great bottle of wine, a specialty project crafted by Wineteer Construction encapsulates a complex character. Whether elegant or earthy, a well-executed remodel should reveal a distinct taste that fits your unique palette…or lifestyle.

The expert craftsmen at Wineteer Construction are masters at creating refined, yet practically designed, specialty residential projects. Specifically, we are connoisseurs of the perfect wine cellar—structured to preserve, store and protect your great investment and showcase your one-of-a-kind collection.

A fine-dining experience with our chef executive officer.
Wineteer Construction President and CEO Mike Dodd presents a special treat…his own Halibut Baklava Recipe. This delicious dish can be paired with many light white wines and soft reds. Bring out the spice of the mustard with a Viognier or the highlight the sweet honey notes with Gewurztraminer. Bon appetite!

w2-080715 Fish Recipe Graphic


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