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Whether we realize it or not, the kitchen holds a lot of power to our health and happiness. We typically host family birthdays, holiday dinners, Sunday dinners, and late night chats. We all utilize our kitchen differently, but at the end of the day, it’s a central hub for your family. According to houzz, “a third of homeowners report leading a healthier lifestyle after a kitchen renovation, from eating more fruits and vegetables to preparing more meals at home.”


More than just a larger area to work with, the kitchen is often in a prime location that everyone can easily see and access. Because of this, ensuring the style and colors are fresh and inviting can make just as big of an impact. Check out Zillow Digs to see more trends and styles, from lighting to kitchen islands.

Let’s consider some Kitchen Remodeling Tips and Statistics. Typically homeowners begin to notice the old “style” and appliances beginning to break down. According to, more than a third of homeowners (34%) finally have the means to remodel. 

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There are many other trending options when it comes to kitchen remodeling, including the layout, cabinetry, layout changes, countertops, and more. We all want our kitchen to reflect our unique style, yet stay on trend and within budget. Many design build companies like Wineteer will walk each homeowner through the process of renovating with design  and functionality in mind.

Check out this gallery for a few of Wineteer’s latest project photos. Use this as a guide to see what you like, don’t like, want, need, etc. 

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