BackLake Winnebago Projects03/11/20

The master suite was renovated to include a custom-built closet for the homeowners. It is highly detailed with pull-down hanging storage at most of the upper cabinets. The space was originally a closet, but without the customization that our clients desired.

Built-in Wineteer’s shop, the unique floating custom bed was installed at the lower level of the home. From an engineering perspective, this was a quite a challenge. The entire assembly is only supported at two connecting points with the ceiling and one lateral edge of the wall. The stairs were designed to contain as much storage as was structurally possible, so every square inch of this design was specific.

The front door was hand-built in Ferndale, Montana and required six months to construct. The design leading up to the construction didn’t take quite as much time, but determining the hand-carved elements and exactly what they would look like was very time intensive.

The installation of the door system was a major undertaking with no less than four skilled craftsmen on hand to handle the affair. Understanding how long it took to get the door and the delicate nature of its installation, everyone held their collective breath until it was secured in place. Our clients think it was worth the wait!

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