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‘Tis the season to deck the halls! Let us create that special place that will last way beyond the holiday season.

Nick and Mike understand that no two projects are alike, which is why we rely on a systematic approach that is focused on providing the best design to bring our customers’ vision to life.

Modern functionality without losing focus on the home’s original architecture.
Do you have a dysfunctional kitchen that just looks out of place? Need a few fresh ideas to start envisioning your kitchen with added space and functionality? The project below is a great example!

Times have changed and so has the kitchen. Some houses just demand a certain style and presence, and this home is certainly one of those–it had an old, out-of-date kitchen from the 1970s misplaced in a stone house from the 1920s. The house had a traditional servant’s kitchen and back entrance that did not look grand, as was the case in those days.

To provide a modern look while preserving the historic value of the house’s architecture, we recreated the front entry’s cased opening with leaded stained glass, matched ribbon mahogany on the cabinets and trim just like the dining room, and tied in leaded stained glass at the cabinets. The backsplash was designed to keep that servant’s kitchen feel, but with grandeur, reclaiming marble pavers from the property.

New kitchen cabinets  

  New kitchen cabinets     

Pulling together a tedious unrelenting effort and a painstaking design with the convenience of modern appliances, coupled with the functionality of new cabinets, gave us a timeless kitchen. It is hard to distinguish between what is old and what is new. It is a seamless integration of style from another era, and functionality from today’s ever-changing environment.


The final result from this incredible kitchen renovation is a spacious and modern kitchen that looks like it could have been designed and built by the original team from 1920. It is perfect for making holiday memories.

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