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President and CEO Mike Dodd and KC Live TV Co-Host Joel Nichols recently discussed how to ensure home remodeling projects are “Planned Right. Priced Right. Done Right.” Gain the highlights below.
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Planned Right.

Planning is everything; planning defines how well the entire project will go.
When we plan projects, we keep in mind:

  • Material selection
  • Overall design goals
  • How to best help the client visualize the finished project.

We plan with the client to create a partnership with them, using leading-edge software, systems and processes to help ensure the best results.

“Measure twice; cut once,” via Joel Nichols.

Joel said it correctly; we work to devote a lot of time in the research and planning phase at the beginning so we can eliminate wasted time at the end fixing issues that could have been avoided.

Being in the industry for thirty years, we have learned how to guide our clients through the decision-making process while taking into account any specific details the client has in mind such as using certain materials and brands.


Priced Right.

We look at many benchmarks, including the Cost vs. Value Report we’ve been touching on lately as a company. While the industry is very competitive, we always want to assure value for our clients. Sometimes it might take more money at the forefront of a project to get the best and right products so that they are out of the question later.

“You’ve been here for thirty years, so when the job is done, you’re still here.” – Joel Nichols

Part of gaining value in a home remodeling project is knowing that the company will still be around long after completion in case you ever need follow up appointments or want to start another project.


Done Right.

To assure projects are done right, we use a proprietary software product that is specific to our industry that allows for seamless transition from the sales to the production process. This is our checks and balances process that allows us to offer a five-year guarantee for clients.

We love what we do. We enjoy working with people and being able to get creative in order to help someone’s dreams come to fruition. We find our job fun and rewarding.


Make sure your projects are always “Planned Right. Priced Right. Done Right.”
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