BackShow Your Home Some Love with a Few Updates02/04/21

There is no better way to show your home some love than by remodeling spaces that may be outdated or lack functionality.

At Wineteer Construction, our experts understand that what once may have been the perfect home, now is in need of a little TLC.

The project below is a great example of a much needed update to the front exterior of a home.

The house was built with a doorway facing the wrong side of the street, creating confusion about the home’s address and entryway. Due to the placement, the front porch space was not able to be fully used in order to allow entry to the home.

Outside view of the front of a house

To correct the design flaw, our experts got to work. The first step was to design a more functional space, close in the existing porch and move the front door to provide visual balance. This update added more internal space, as well as provided more natural light bought in by new side windows.

The new construction also included siding and paint to match the existing exterior, landscaping and a new sidewalk.

Outside front view of a home

Through an updated design, we were able to provide an improved front entryway and enhanced the overall curb appeal for years to come.

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