BackTraditional or Modern? The Latest Kitchen Trends Allow for Both09/17/15

The newest design trends found in renovated kitchens finally answer the age-old question: traditional or modern? The answer…why pick just one, when a customized plan can incorporate both, with a unique, fun and sophisticated style.

The days of minimalistic, sleek, dark wood kitchens has passed, and given way to a new combination of both shabby and chic, with the use of whites, creams and light grays. Kitchen renovations around the country are contrasting stainless steel appliances with one-of-a-kind vintage decorations or restored, rustic antiques. You only need subtle hints of these more classic elements to pop against the modern, clean lines of newly installed, monochromatic cabinets.

Another key is to experiment with oversized islands, tables or chairs. Pick pieces with ornate legs or use crown molding to contrast with a brightly painted wall or backsplash. Finish the look by adding vintage pieces to glass-framed cabinets and hanging modern metal or glass lighting fixtures with geometric shapes.

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A traditional remodeling company, with a modern twist.
No matter the latest trends, a perfect remodel should fit your individual style. The right mix of traditional and modern allows for both beauty and comfort—high-end luxury and the warm, inviting feeling of home.

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