BackTurn Your Home into an Event Space05/14/15

The spring and summer seasons are a busy time of year for socializing and celebrating. But with the rising cost of overbooked event spaces, many people are looking for more meaningful alternatives for a place loved ones can gather.

Hosting an event at home can be the best reason to finally tackle that renovation project. The focus will help you define a budget, prioritize changes and stick to a timeline. And, once completed, the remodel will be enjoyed by your family for years to come—and hopefully increase the value and appeal of your home.

Grand entrance If you already own a large home or a scenic piece of property, your family or friends have already begged you to host an important reception. For more relaxed and smaller occasions—like a bridal or baby shower, an important anniversary or milestone birthday—the project might focus on renovating an entrance space and front formal room.  An all-day affair, like a family reunion or a graduation open house, might lead to retooling a backyard space and even remodeling the kitchen. And of course, the mecca of event hosting, a grand wedding might require finally adding that extra room!

Whether the event is large or small, even simple updates can make all the difference.

  • Replace old carpeting with hardwood or tile flooring.
  • Update lighting fixtures to offer adjustability for mood setting and great pictures.
  • Add texture/depth to wall treatments and place molding round doors/ceilings for a rich look.
  • Remove a wall to expand a space or add an extra room for a more open floor plan.
  • Keep the decorating clean and simple, so that special flower arrangements and even mounted pictures will be specific to the occasion…and changeable for your next event!


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