BackUnlock Home Remodeling Trends for Summer06/13/17

Whether your summer get-together plans are outside on the back patio/deck to enjoy some sunshine, or escaping inside to keep cool, make sure your home remodeling to-do list is complete! With the first day of summer just around the corner, check out the following 2017 trends in home remodeling projects to prepare for:

Create Open Ceilings

Living Room

Make your room feel even larger with an open ceiling, allowing guests to feel welcomed and free to move around easily.

Provide Open Floor Plans

Create more space for people to comfortably gather and connect.

Build a Spacious Outdoor Space

Create a simple, yet elegant outdoor space with natural surroundings allows for guests to enjoy the view and relax!

Soak in the Natural Light

Kitchen Remodeled

Let the sunshine in! Provide ample windows that allow for natural light creates a vibrant, comfortable atmosphere.

Splurge on Your Entryway

Front Door inside view of a house

The front door is your guests’ first impression of your home. Create an inviting atmosphere the moment they arrive!


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