BackLoose Park Third Floor Bathroom03/11/20

Many of Wineteer’s clients combine several rooms into their renovation plan. Some of the most popular combinations are bathrooms – master paired with guest bathrooms. Or, the whole home renovations… kitchen, living room, mud room, and a kitchen renovation. For this specific Kansas City homeowner, the below guest room bathroom was the third and final bathroom project. The materials utilized for this project had a similar motif as the other two to streamline the look and feel of the renovation. Using stone elements and a running bond tile pattern gives it an attractive appearance, although scaled back as compared to the other bathrooms.

The zero-entry shower was a must for our clients as they observed universal design adaptations that would enable folks of any age or ability to function safely in the space. This is yet another example of smart design not having to look institutional.  As homeowners continue to age and determine the desire to live in their home for as long as possible, there are many options to include for Aging in Place modifications. 



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