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Home remodeling projects are impacted by a variety of factors: the uses of the rooms, the square footage of the different spaces, your budget for the project and so much more. Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused families to spend more time at home. More time at home for most meant more time spent in the kitchen, whether cooking or cleaning. More time in the kitchen has also led to a desire for a new updated design. 

According to the 2021 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, the most requested updates to the kitchen brought by the pandemic include:

Increased Storage: More time in the kitchen can really make you think about your pains and dislikes about the current layout, color, style, or even just how you could use the space more efficiently. One of the most common kitchen renovations is updating cabinetry. Specifically, Houzz shared that homeowners have the need for more cabinet and pantry space.

  • 63% of homeowners look to replace all cabinets, 31% look to partially replace cabinets.
  • 31% of homeowners opted for partial cabinet upgrades, with 28% of homeowners adding cabinets, almost 4 times as many as last year. 
  • The increased need for storage and space has also been seen in the incorporation of islands and larger pantries into the kitchen layout.

Kitchen Remodeled

Changes in Openness: While many homeowners have opted for having an open-concept floor plan that connects the kitchen to other social rooms of the house, these renovations have actually decreased. Instead, more people are designing the kitchen as a separate room. However, connecting the kitchen with an outdoor space is a rising trend. 

  • The most popular way to do this, according to the report, is through the use of double doors.
  • The most popular way to create an open concept interior is by removing the walls that separate the rooms.

Your House Your Rules
Trends and data are helpful guides for our experts to help you in your remodeling projects. However, the one set of data that is unique to each homeowner is their lifestyle.

When you work with Wineteer Construction, we take your vision, alongside the timeless trends, and create a project that is beautiful, functional and most importantly, yours.

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