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bathroom remodel For this Overland Park, Kansas bathroom remodel, the homeowners wanted the laundry room closer to the master bathroom. To accomplish this, the Wineteer team designed and built out a room off of the master bathroom and closet areas. This new expansion allowed for an opening of additional space and helped the homeowner gain the space for the laundry room. The laundry room was designed to fit a front-loading washer and dryer with a countertop directly above the two appliances. This allowed the homeowners space and room to transfer loads of laundry and fold the laundry on top of the machines. This was a “must-have” that the clients wanted due to the proximity to the master closet.

Maximize the space in your laundry room

Wineteer’s team also installed a small cabinet to house laundry detergent and cleaning stainless steel faucets and fixtures in bathroom products so they are hidden from the standard view. We also elected to add a rod for hanging clothes above the appliances in case the clothes are not yet ready to be transferred to the master closet, or require air drying. The laundry room can also be separated (closed off) with a simple accessible-friendly door. The new layout on this bathroom and laundry remodel allows for more intentional space, functional countertops, and efficiencies. 

Endless shower options for a bathroom remodel

In the master bathroom remodel portion of the project, Wineteer’s design team had a clear vision from the client. The team removed a built-in tub and replaced it with a free-standing oval-shaped tub. accent tile in shower caddy and panel in grays and greens The tub is centered below the window (which has rain glass to allow for privacy and natural light), creating a focal point in the bathroom. We also transitioned the shower from a standard shower with a lip to a barrier free shower and made the shower feel even larger with a frameless half-wall of glass.

Barrier-free showers utilized for aging in place modifications

There are many reasons why homeowners are opting for barrier-free showers, one of which is the ease of aging in place modifications. The risk of falling is greatly reduced when the ledge of the shower is removed. The ability to roll in a wheelchair, or walker, is ideal for a barrier-free shower, allowing the homeowners to live in the home unassisted for a much longer time. For the wainscot around the tub and shower area we used a large format 12 x 36 inch tile. This embossed tile levels up the space for a timeless look.

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In the new barrier-free shower, Wineteer placed a border of smaller, unique tiles through the space vertically to house the rain shower head and inset shower caddies. This pop of color adds dimension and texture to the space and coordinates with the penny tile used on the shower floor. Fixtures in the shower are all chrome, matching the chrome shower handle and the chrome tub fixtures.

New cabinets can elevate your bathroom remodel

The bathroom cabinets are painted white, both brightening the space, and elevating the look. The homeowners decided on a unique design choice – to add a center tower cabinet between the two vanities. This creates additional storage for the vanity and sink area, and the ability to put toiletries behind a door and not on the counters. All cabinet doors are inset to provide the clean and seamless look you see here. The countertops are quartz and hardware and drawer pulls are chrome. The tile on the floor of the bathroom is a ceramic tile that mimics a Calcutta marble. window above freestanding tub in white

This was an amazing project for the Wineteer team to work on with our long-time clients. But it didn’t stop here! In addition to this bathroom remodel, we had the chance to completely renovate their kitchen and move their laundry to their en suite. This whole home remodel provided a relief to the chore of laundry, and the ability to fully enjoy both the kitchen and bathroom! Check out more of our bathroom remodeling projects here for some inspiration! 

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