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When homeowners walk into their master bathroom, they are often reminded of the laundry list of “things to upgrade.” Have you considered transforming your bathroom to an oasis or spa? There are design build bathroom remodeling companies, like Wineteer, that can bring your spa vision to life. According to, Nearly 9 in 10 homeowners (86%) change the style of their bathroom during a remodel, and the most popular style for the second year in a row is transitional (23%). Contemporary style has slightly edged out modern this year (16% versus 15%, respectively), followed by traditional (11%) and farmhouse (5%).

Homeowners should take advantage of the design and build expertise that home remodeling experts hold. There are many benefits of a home bathroom remodel, so let’s explore options for an oasis spa look and feel! 

Benefits of Spa Bathrooms

Some of the main benefits of having spa-like bathrooms are:

Health Benefit

How to Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa Hot spas offer many health benefits. Your body will be detoxed, any muscle pain will be relieved, good hormones will be released by your brain, and so on. According to, a spa bathroom remodel can bring many health benefits, including sleep benefits, hormonal benefits, and even mental health wellness benefits. 

Stress Relief

A bathroom spa will immediately allow you to relax. The intent of a bathroom remodel is to fit your stage of life. If you have possible aging in place modifications (bar handles, lowering cabinet, larger bathroom door opening, etc), a bathroom remodel can relieve your stress. A  bathroom remodel can help redeem all the negative effects like stress, tension, depression, anxiety, etc.

master bathroom remodel

Resale Value

Bathroom remodeling will definitely increase the property or resale value. Whenever potential clients or renters see the cozy spa-like bathroom, they won’t mind spending more cash to grab the opportunity for the immediate relaxation look and fee. 

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Ideas to Turn Bathroom into Spa

Here are a few simple, yet effective ideas that can turn your bathroom into a spa:


Placing plants in your bathroom is the simplest way to transform the space into a spa. You can place the plants on the floor, on countertops or hanging from the ceiling. Some also like to keep fresh eucalyptus as it offers a soothing smell to relax just like you can do in a spa. You may question what type of plant to add into your bathroom… check out this article for help selecting the right option!  

The bathroom featured below is one that Wineteer completed for an Overland Park resident. The mix of natural light and greenery allows a serene and oasis feel. The simplicity and clean look bring a tranquility when entering the bathroom. 

Natural Components

Spa feels more authentic when it includes natural elements like natural stone, marble, and different types of wooden compartments. The vintage look will take you to a place far from the urban pressures.

Dim Lights

Low-lit lights or sconce lights are usually used in bathroom spas and you can install them in your bathroom to bring in the vibe. Usually, too many lights lead to unrelaxed nerves, that’s why dim lights are used to avoid the light pollution effects. 

Big Steam Shower

Steam showers are great to relieve stress and feel more refreshing. Specifically, if the shower head is oversized, it offers strong water pressure close to your body that helps in detoxing therapeutically just like a spa.

Floor Heating

Why Consider Heated Floors in Your Bathroom RemodelSince most of us use tiles for our bathroom floors, it feels so chilly, specifically in cold winters. At that moment stepping onto the floor will feel like stepping on sharp pins. Even bathmats won’t help much in those harsh colds.

You can install radiant floor heating for your bathroom, it will be both comfortable and luxurious. The bathroom will feel more like a spa this way, and nothing beats hot spa days in winter. Wineteer has an article outlining the benefits of heated flooring when completing a bathroom remodel:

Comfy Tub

One of the most important parts of turning your bathroom into a spa is having a comfortable soaking tub. Here are some free-standing tubs to consider:

Make sure the tub is big enough to relax comfortably. Also, place the tub at a prominent point in your bathroom as it will give a spa-like vibe whenever you enter the space.

Tub Window

bathroom with large tub You can place your tub in front of a big window that offers a natural view, it’ll provide a tranquil ambience a spa provides. If there’s no window in your bathroom, consider adding one into your bathroom remodel. 

Elegant Backdrop

If you have a sophisticated mural on one side of the tub, it will feel like a luxurious museum with a relaxing atmosphere to soak in. You can put simple minimalistic art to an elegant backdrop that goes well with the overall theme of the bathroom.

Plush Towels

Invest in good towels! Plush towels have a luxurious comfy feeling. You may even consider a towel warmer for an extra spa look and feel!

Paint Cabinets

One of the ways to make the bathroom more spa-like is to paint the cabinets to a moody sophisticated color. Do you enjoy crisp white, mindful grays, light greens, or tans? There are ways to incorporate colors into cabinetry in a tasteful way. 

Open Shelves

Adding open shelving in your bathroom remodel can be a good addition to turning the bathroom into a spa. The open shelving will encourage you to keep the clean and crisp feel. 

Hidden Electric Outlets

All the cords of your electric bathroom tools will make the space chaotic and unsafe. You can install the outlets inside the vanity drawer and cabinet to keep the tools and their cords inside. This way the cabinet will be decluttered and the washroom will feel more like a shooting spa.

Earthy Tone

The spa makes you more connected with nature, and that’s why it’s best to incorporate earthy colors when remodeling the bathroom.

Elegant Curtains

Adding elegant-looking curtains on your bathroom window can limit the sunlight, ensure privacy and also add a polished touch to the space.

No matter what ideas you choose to implement when considering How to Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa, it will surely make your bathroom a small private spa. Professional like Wineteer Construction are here to handle your spa bathroom remodeling questions and considerations. Reach out today to discuss your design ideas! 913-717-6325 or

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