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Most moms around the world spend hours, days and years caring about and tending to everyone else’s needs. As much as the time and love is appreciated, let’s do something more for the important women in our lives! At Wineteer Construction, we challenge husbands, children and even grandchildren to ask the ladies in their life about her dream space…and then make her wildest dreams come true. How about we change the narrative for the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday – skip the chocolates and Gift a Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel Just for Her! 

Hey, even Ashton Kutcher had the idea back in 2020!

A Kitchen Fit for Any Home Chef… and Mom!

For most moms, their most-frequented space is the kitchen, where comforting food is whipped up and memorable moments are shared. You have the memories of your child eating their first solid food to your teenager enjoying a late night snack with you while talking about their day. While this space may be filled with love, laughter and deliciousness, chances are the actual function and beauty of your mother’s kitchen could be greatly improved. From energy-efficient appliances to upgraded lighting and countertops, Wineteer has you covered for the design and build-out of the kitchen of your dreams! 

If you listen closely to her wants/needs/must-haves/no-ways, I am sure you will hear the same concerns as many others: needing more countertop space, more storage, brighter room, and an open floor plan. Wineteer Construction suggests a range of remodeling tweaks that can transform an outdated kitchen into a space that will make every other mother jealous. Here are some ideas on areas of the kitchen that you can upgrade and improve without an entire remodel

  • Lighting inside and under cabinets; recessed lighting in the ceiling; artistic hanging pennant lights to add a pop of color and elevate the tone
  • Refinished cabinets and luxury hardware; a large pullout spice rack hidden in bottom cabinetry; a new island with a contrasting finish

A Spa Retreat at Home
Gift a Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel Just for Her

Gift a Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel Just for Her! Some women hope to find peace and tranquility within the space of the master bathroom. Not only is a complete remodel of the master bathroom an excellent Mother’s Day present, but is a gift that keeps on giving—since a professional renovation is sure to increase the value of your home. 

Wineteer Construction offers a host of bathroom remodeling features, sure to set a relaxing mood for your deserving mother.

If these Mother’s Day remodeling projects are too high of a budget or too time consuming for this year’s gifting, consider renovating your mother’s closet or even the laundry room to allow her a fresh, organized space. If you’re in the Kansas City area, reach out to Wineteer for a design meeting. We spend the extra time upfront to discuss your wants, budget, timeline, design ideas, and finishes. Reach out today to discuss! 913-717-6325 or

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