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Senior Vice President Nick McIntyreYou’ve heard us offer many tips on kitchen remodeling – here is a list of what NOT to do when planning your next project to help bring a different perspective to the table.

Don’t waste storage. Utilize the storage space you are creating to the max by adding in drawer dividers and pantry pullouts. Creating efficient storage keeps you from worrying about storage for future purchases

Don’t lose out on counter space. Think about the number of people in your kitchen at any given time and how much space each person will need to cut vegetables, prepare the main course, wash and dry the dishes, make drinks, etc. Also consider the counter space already taken up by the smaller appliances that stay on display like coffee makers and toasters. Adding in more space will only help you avoid frustrations later

Don’t skimp on outlets. Everyone knows how much of a nuisance it is to run out of plugs for your appliances such as juicers, toasters, coffee makers, mixers, etc. Think about what you use and how many plugs/outlets will be necessary, then make sure you place them accordingly with the counter space provided.

Don’t skip the tiny details. When designing your new kitchen, make sure everything opens with plenty of room to move and have other drawers/cabinets/appliances open as well. Noticing after the renovaton that you can’t reach a drawer when the dishwasher is open is never a discovery you want to deal with.

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Don’t stick to the triangle. The triangle means your sink, stove and refrigerator – the areas of the kitchen with the most activity. While these are extremely important to think about, changing your perspective of these areas will allow you to open up more possibilities for your remodel. Instead, think in terms of stations. Create a station to wash dishes, a station to store food, a station to cook, etc.

Don’t forget a picture speaks a thousand words. When planning and designing a kitchen remodel, use pictures from other people’s projects as examples for what you want. Having a visual instead of just an idea will help everyone involved create the perfect renovation. Visit our Houzz page, or check out our projects here >

Don’t forget the professionals. From planning and designing to installation, professionals can help make your remodeling process much simpler and with better quality. Not every project is Do-It-Yourself friendly, and work done by the wrong hands can end up costing you more money, time and other resources in the long run when projects have to be fixed and done over.

If you are thinking of a kitchen remodel, but need help along the way, or just want someone to put your dreams into a reality, schedule an appointment with us! You’re sure to be in the right hands to help keep focused on the right Do’s for your next remodeling project.

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