5 Ideas for an Exterior Home Remodel


As with any home remodeling project, there are many factors to consider. Everything from your budget and timeline to space optimization and trendy colors, homeowners around the Kansas City area are turning to contractors like Wineteer Construction to complete a whole home, or exterior home remodeling projects. This article will provide 5 Ideas for an Exterior Home Remodel to consider... Read More

Timeless Fallbrook Multi-Project Updates: Fireplaces


Our final project for this couple was to remodel three different fireplaces. We wanted to work with the wood, which we determined was from the 80’s and 90’s eras, but we wanted to give the tile work a much-needed update. For the client’s entertainment center we removed the upper cabinets and replaced them with 12 x 24 large format tile... Read More

Timeless Fallbrook Multi-Project Update: Bathroom Part Two


For this project, we built a new vanity and brought in completely custom cabinets. Our recommendations for cabinetry work, to create an elevated and elegant look, is to add inset doors and drawers. Quartz countertops were selected for the vanity. We also chose to use more modern, sleek fixtures throughout. We added framed mirrors for a striking look and raised... Read More

Timeless Fallbrook Multi-Project Update: Bathroom Remodel Part One


Kansas City's Leading Bathroom Remodeling: Project Spotlight Have you looked at an area of your home and thought “you know, this isn’t bad, but it’s not exactly what I want to see here?” That’s exactly what this Blue Springs couple thought when looking through a couple of areas throughout their home. Like most homeowners, the couple wanted to invest in... Read More

Functional yet Aesthetic Bathroom and Laundry Update


For this bathroom remodel we were tasked with moving the laundry closer to the en suite. To accomplish this the Wineteer Construction team created a room off of the bathroom and master closet. This allowed for an opening of additional space and helped the homeowner gain the space for the laundry room. The laundry room was designed to fit a... Read More

Updating a Kitchen for Form and Function: Part Two


Expanding on the kitchen remodel for our couple wishing to update their space, we’re sharing all about the cabinetry, sink, and special features. To optimize the space, we centered the island, created more countertop space (always a plus with our kitchen designs) and opened up the kitchen. By moving the appliances in the kitchen it allowed room for multiple people... Read More

Updating a Kitchen for Form and Function: Part One


Receiving a call from a long-time client is a lot like receiving a call from an old friend. With Wineteer, once we partner together, we become family. You get the chance to rekindle a relationship and connect again for your next adventure. That’s why at Wineteer Construction one of our first priorities is to forge a relationship with our clients... Read More

A Kitchen Puzzle: Design and Delivery


The story of our family of four on their kitchen remodel journey resumes now that we added two feet of real estate to the kitchen by taking some space from the massive garage. We were able to enlarge the mud room in this remodel which allowed the refrigerator door to open completely instead of banging against the wall.  This is... Read More

A Kitchen Puzzle: Designing with the End in Mind


Sometimes creating a new kitchen is like completing a puzzle - at the beginning you see a ton of tiny pieces all laid out before you, knowing that eventually they fit together, but not yet sure as to the “how” to make it happen. But eventually, piece by piece, you lay out the corners, then the edge pieces, then start... Read More

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