Zero-Entry Showers in Bathroom Remodeling: Featuring Form and Function

Zero entry showers, also known as barrier-free showers, are a beautiful addition to any bathroom remodeling project. Barrier-free showers also have the added benefit of being accessible for those who need some additional assistance entering the shower threshold. Removing the lip on a shower can increase the aesthetic appeal and the accessibility of the space…. Read More →

From Divisive to Inclusive: Bringing a Family Together During Dinnertime

Taking Home Improvement From Dreams to Reality We love making the dreams of our clients a reality. So often, clients come to us with a problem to solve: their space does not work for them and they are looking for a change. We are in the business of making your dreams come true and ensuring… Read More →

kitchen with quart countertop and close up of matte black faucet

The Perfect Materials for the Perfect Kitchen

In our previous post about our clients in Independence, we shared how our team at Wineteer Construction was able to create a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor living sections of our client’s home.  Today, our focus is on a necessary yet sometimes underrated part of the kitchen, the faucet. Our team chose the… Read More →

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The Kitchen of Your Dreams Awaits

Home remodeling projects open the door to creativity, style and functionality in ways you may not have imagined before. At Wineteer Construction, our experts ensure that every update made inside your home reflects your vision. Collaboration, Creativity and Functionality When it comes to kitchen updates, having the right balance between style and functionality ensures your… Read More →

deck with french doors

A Bright and Spacious Kitchen Update

When our clients in Independence reached out to our Wineteer Construction team for a few updates to their home, we were delighted to get started on the design process. They wanted to make the indoor and outdoor spaces of their home feel more connected, and our team did just that! A central part of their… Read More →

Bathroom remodel

A Guest Bathroom Update Full of Calm and Style

Thanks to the beautiful cool-tone palette implemented from top to bottom, calm and freshness are exuded in our South Plaza/Brookside clients’ guest bathroom. This is the final remodeled space of our epic, storybook home remodeling project.  Starting with the custom cabinetry, the bathroom has installed a double vanity with a countertop mounted linen storage cabinet… Read More →

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Behind the Remodeling Projects

Home remodeling projects bring a modern, fresh update to the special places in your home, and they should align your needs with your style. After meeting with our experts and sharing your remodeling vision, the fun begins. Keep reading to see what happens throughout a remodeling project: Design/Plan Room Layout: Based on your conversations with… Read More →

wetbar remodel

A Lively and Stylish CoffeeNook/Bar Update

When our clients in South Plaza/Brookside decided to update several spaces in their home, they focused on those areas around their home that affect their everyday activities. We have shared about the kitchen and master bathroom in previous posts, and the next chapter of this fun and colorful remodeling project is focused on the coffee… Read More →

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Share About Your Unique Project!

At Wineteer Construction, we are proud to create remodeling projects that are unique and functional. Every decision is carefully made throughout a project in partnership with our clients to ensure our team can bring their vision to life.  We invite you to share your positive experience with our team and help others get inspired for… Read More →

bathroom in warm tones with zero entry shower

Dreamy Bathroom Updates in South Plaza/Brookside

In our recent post, we shared about the beautiful updates made to our clients’ kitchen, where our team implemented the use of different materials, colors and textures to create contrast, brighten the room and add more space and functionality. In addition to the kitchen, we renovated several other portions of the home, starting with the… Read More →

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