Bathroom Remodeling

5 Best Freestanding Bathtub Ideas for a Stylish Upgrade


As one of the most frequented rooms in the home, your bathroom space should be as welcoming as the rest of your home. Some even consider it an escape after a long day, as they draw a bath to relax and decompress. There's no better way to add elegance and create an oasis than with a stylish and comfortable bathtub.... Read More

Why Consider Heated Floors in Your Bathroom Remodel


Heated bathroom floors are becoming more and more popular when homeowners consider upgrades for their bathroom remodel. With several competitive advantages, heated flooring is a very good alternative to the conventional heating system requirement in the bathroom. In this case, electric in-floor mats or hot water pipes are installed underneath the bathroom flooring. This special arrangement dissipates heat and keeps... Read More

Timeless Fallbrook Multi-Project Update: Bathroom Part Two


For this project, we built a new vanity and brought in completely custom cabinets. Our recommendations for cabinetry work, to create an elevated and elegant look, is to add inset doors and drawers. Quartz countertops were selected for the vanity. We also chose to use more modern, sleek fixtures throughout. We added framed mirrors for a striking look and raised... Read More

Timeless Fallbrook Multi-Project Update: Bathroom Remodel Part One


Kansas City's Leading Bathroom Remodeling: Project Spotlight Have you looked at an area of your home and thought “you know, this isn’t bad, but it’s not exactly what I want to see here?” That’s exactly what this Blue Springs couple thought when looking through a couple of areas throughout their home. Like most homeowners, the couple wanted to invest in... Read More

Optimizing a Spacious Master Bathroom: Part Two


The story of the luxury spa bathroom continues! If you haven’t yet, check out part one here where we discuss the tub area and vanity remodel. Our couple also needed help organizing their closet space. We made some simple updates by adding hardwood floors and new lighting in the ceiling. While the overall layout and function of the closet worked... Read More

Optimizing a Spacious Master Bathroom: Part One


Traditionally our bathroom remodeling clients come to us with a problem that some people try to solve with Space Bags (or another vacuum sealing bag) - too much stuff, not enough space! With this client’s master bathroom suite we had the unique problem of tons of space that was not being used well. They had a plethora of square footage... Read More

Brookside Remodeling: The En Suite Bathroom


The final remodel project for this Brookside home was the master bathroom. As our Wineteer team talked with the client about their master bathroom, we listened to their concerns about the small space limitations for their day to day lives. Our focus for this project (as with the other two) was to create art within the remodeled elements of the... Read More

Storybook Brookside Home: Guest Bathroom Updates


Our other projects as part of this whole home remodel project for this Brookside family were two bathrooms: the guest bathroom that the young girls share and the couple’s master bathroom. In the guest bathroom, space was the main concern. The bathroom needed to be designed so both girls could use it at once without feeling so cramped. It also... Read More

AIP Bathroom Design Part Two: Features and Fixtures


As part two to our recent accessible bathroom remodel, today we’re sharing about the other accessible features in the space. These include a high-end and aesthetically pleasing flip-up-flip-down shower seat, a shower caddy that is reachable by the patient when they are in the seat, and several towel bars and grab bars (both within the shower and outside the shower).... Read More

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