Loose Park guest bathroom remodel

Loose Park Guest Bathroom

This project was the first of three separate bath renovations that was performed for long-term clients over a period of several years. It turned out to be so much to their liking that they duplicated the look in their master bathroom renovation. The home is close to 100 years old and very traditional, so the… Read More →

bathroom remodel

Zero Entry Showering

Hard to believe, but these are matching, back-to-back bathrooms in the same ranch style home. The homeowners had been in the home since the early 1990s and expressed a desire to remain there for as long as practical. The original custom vanity cabinets were raised by 3” to achieve a more conducive height for today’s… Read More →

Accessible Bathroom Remodel

Accessible Bathroom

This extensive remodel in an existing ranch style home was geared expressly towards accessibility. One of the homeowners is wheelchair-bound and dependent upon a caregiver for all activities of daily living. Access into several rooms and the conversion of a guest bathroom into an accessible space were among the many components that comprised this renovation…. Read More →

Leawood bathroom remodel

Leawood Bathroom

This project entailed expanding the bathroom’s footprint significantly in addition to modernizing the appointments. The shower is a barrier-free, or zero entry, meaning there is no curb to negotiate when entering the shower. For those homeowners with an eye on the future, this is the only way to go. The tile work in this project… Read More →

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